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Learn free magic card tricks online with the "Paris Hotel" deck I bought in Las Vegas ...

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Want to amaze your friends with free card tricks? Here you can learn some of the best magic tricks: it's EASY and it's totally FREE! You will learn free easy card tricks with photo's and video using just a normal deck of cards.

Enjoy the ride. Michiel

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Tricks using a normal deck without visible preparation

card trickStreet magic / Three card monte / Three-Card Trick / Follow the King

This is a very popular street magic trick where people get conned when trying to guess the position of the king. Find out how it works!

Guess each next card of a shuffled deck

This is a simple trick to start off with. You are able to predict each next card of a shuffled deck again and again and again ...

Guess the pointed card after shuffling

This will amaze everyone. You will be able to find the selected card after the spectator has put it back in the deck and shuffled the deck herself.

Find the choosen card with ".. the next card I turn ..."

You will find the selected card after the spectator has put it back on a random cutted part of the deck.

Magic Secrets Revealed

Learn david blaine levitation trick, link rubber bands like david copperfield and learn the tricks that will amaze anyone!

Tricks using a normal deck with little preparation

Find the selected card in the deck after shuffling

This is one of my all time favourites and is very hard to detect. You will find the selected card after the spectator has put it back in the deck and shuffled the deck herself.

Think of a card and I will take it out of my pocket

People will think this is impossible and honour you for the rest of your life. You will take a randomly choosen card right out of your pocket!

Turn a card in the middle of a deck with one hand behind your back

You will be able to turn a card in the middle of a deck behind your back with one hand!

Throw a deck of cards and keep the selected cards

If you like some action, this is a trick which you can do once.

Full Magic Package

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Miscalleneous Video's with Card tricks (some with solution)

  • Full featured Street Magic card trick
  • Same Street Magic by someone else :o)
  • Really good palming with azes - 1
  • Really good palming with azes - 2
  • (Dis)appearing cards
  • Pop up card trick
  • Simple amazing trick with 11 cards
  • Kings turn colour and then to aces
  • Joe cab driver always gets 2 USD tip
  • Handing out invisible cards
  • Choose a card ...
  • 4 Robbers Card Trick
  • The 3 aces are never far apart
  • A card disappears
  • Three card monte in slow motion
  • Super colour changing hands

  • Online tricks and other fun stuff

    I will read your mind

    With this online trick, I will read your mind ... (le woogie card trick)

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    About card tricks

    Card magic performs a flourish with a deck of playing cards. Easy magic card tricks are the art of creating illusions with a packet (or deck) of cards. Playing cards are most often used, but some effects exist which use business cards or hockey cards. Card magic is a common feature in magic performances, especially in parlor magic and street magic. To learn magic card tricks you do not need expensive magic tricks supplies or have to buy magic tricks. The card tricks explained on this site are beginner card tricks so you will learn tricks and be playing tricks in less than one hour.

    Card magic is one of the oldest and most widely practiced forms of magic. Playing card trick is an inexpensive, versatile and easily manipulated prop and therefore popular with magicians. Although corporate magicians have created and presented thousands of different card tricks, they are all built upon fewer than a hundred basic principles and techniques (like yugioh card holo trick). It's the presentation or patter that makes the difference for an audience.

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