Learn free cool easy magic cardtricks online with the "Paris Hotel" deck I bought in Las Vegas ...

Point a card - Trick

This trick is really simple and can be done with all decks, cards, etc ... You can use this basic trick in other tricks / context as well. If you perform it well, it can be really amazing ...

- You start by asking the victim to select a card by pointing to the card and not taking it yet.
- You then take the card out of the deck and you show it to the victim by holding it in front of you (looking at the back of the card).
- After showing it, you put it back in the deck somewhere in the middle. You don't look at the card while doing this.
- Then you say: "Please shuffle the cards" and you give the deck to the victim.
- The victim shuffles the cards and afterwards gives back the deck to you.
- You then feel the deck (or do some other stupid things) and tell the victim which card he/she picked.

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